welcome to city harvest

Wherever you are in life, we believe that God has a purpose and plan for you. City Harvest Assemblies of God Church Bangalore is a church of God that, loves, learns and grows together.

Word-based Sermons

We believe in preaching the undiluted Word of God with its relevant application to our lives now. Our Sunday church sermons & resources will help you to grow and mature as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Sunday School

City Harvest Assemblies of God Church Bangalore ensures that Sunday is the best day for every child. We have experienced Sunday School teachers, word-based curriculum, activities, and lesson-based crafts. Our Children’s Church is on Sundays at 8 am, 9:30 am, & 11:30 am. 

Spirit-filled Worship

Worshipping God in Spirit & in Truth is a crucial part of a living church. We are passionate about Worship that encourages people to pursue a relationship with God. We welcome you to join us on Sunday mornings for our Sunday worship services at City Harvest Assemblies of God Church.

Join us this Sunday
at church
for a blessed time of Word & Worship
9.30 AM & 11.30 AM IST


6.30 AM & 7.45 AM IST

Worship Together Online Church

We believe a Church is not bound by its walls. City Harvest Assemblies of God Church believes that each one of us are the Church and we carry it wherever we go. City Harvest AG Church Bangalore breaks these walls and bring our church live to your home. We hope that you will enjoy the presence of God right at the comfort of your house through our Live church streaming on YouTube.

We are privileged to have you at City Harvest

As a church, we are committed to the person of Jesus Christ, and we based our teaching upon the revealed word of God. It is our desire that people come to place their trust in Christ to forgive them and lead them, and that they grow in their relationship with Him. We feel God is doing extraordinary things among extraordinary people and would love to see you to be a part.

If there is any way we can be of service to you, kindly contact us. If you are in the city of Bangalore, you are welcome to one of our Sunday Worship Services. You are also welcome to attend our Sunday online worship services at City Harvest Assemblies of God Church.

We look forward to seeing you.

Shine Thomas

Senior Pastor & Founder
Pastor Shine Thomas at City Harvest Assemblies of God Church bangalore