Be a warrior

March 2, 2012

Topic: Encouragement

We are on a battlefield 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 You are always in a conflict. As a child of God, you have an enemy out there. Your enemy is not your husband, wife, not your neighbour. We all have a common enemy and he is the devil. He goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

Ephesians 6 speaks about the spiritual battle.

Apostle Paul is giving us an insight into the battle we are involved in. The enemy is waiting for a chance. In this generation the devil has the believers all wounded. No God destined us to be victorious. Paul gives us an insight into how we can keep the devil under our feet and have the power of God in us.

Our enemy is not the flesh but the devil  Eph 6:12

Paul tells the church put on the helmet of salvation,

Breastplate of righteousness,

Loins with truth and feet with the gospel of Peace.

But above all take the shield of faith.

Sword of the word of God.

Pray in the Spirit.

We are engaged in a conflict. Put on the whole armour of God why? Eph 6:11

The devil is a strategist.  He knows our weakness so we need to always put on the armour of God. God has given you authority over the devil.

First helmet of salvation. Put it on. Have the experience of salvation. Do not leave the helmet at church on Sunday and walk every day without your helmet. Walk as a saved man. Somebody say I am saved.

Put on the breastplate of righteousness. Start living right. All can live right in the church but we need to live right outside the church. God wants our breastplate of righteousness so that the world can see our God in us.

Feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace.

Loins with the truth.

Pray in the Spirit.

V16 above all take the shield of faith.

The sword in one hand and the shield in the other hand this how we fight. Two absolute essential weapons that every one of us should learn to use. Shield of faith and the sword of the spirit which is the word of God.

We need to learn to use the word of God. We need to use the sword. Word of God is your sword.

In the life of Jesus after baptism came the temptation of the devil. The devil knows when to strike. When he was hungry, the devil encountered Jesus. This was the devil himself who faced Jesus. The first thing the devil said to Jesus was Luke 4:3.

See what Jesus did v4 Jesus could have called angels and fought against the devil but here Jesus is in man mode and he used the only weapon available to us, the sword of the word of God. Jesus knew how to use that sword. When the devil says you will not succeed, use your sword. The devil says this sickness will not heal, use the sword. He will flee from you.

The devil did not give up, the devil used his sword too. Took Jesus to a higher place and put another sword to Jesus. V5-7. Jesus answered back with his sword. V8

The devil did not yet give up. The devil took him to Jerusalem. V9-11

Jesus again used the sword. V12

The devil left Jesus after he used the sword 3 times. V13

Do you know why God’s people have so much trouble with the devil and in their life, just because they do not know the word and do not know how to use the word of God. There is only one way you can win over the devil, by the word of God. When you win the devil by the word, the Bible says angels came and ministered unto Jesus.

It is only when we use the word of God that the angels of God come to stand by the word of God. I believe the angels are waiting to come to you and give you comfort, give you victory, give you direction but will you use the sword of God? When you use the sword of God the devil is under your feet.

Shield of faith. You may have all weapons but if you do not have the shield of faith you can still be defeated.  Why v16 have the shield of faith in your hand?

After these days of fasting take the shield of faith.

I believe that God has answered your prayers. God has sent his deliverance. I believe greater days are coming your way. You can quench the fiery darts. You can use your faith to destroy all the works of the devil. The devil has been defeated 2000 years ago but you need to exercise your faith to stop the devil’s work against you.

Now God protects your head, chest, loin, feet and side. But there is one part that is left unprotected that is your back. Do not turn your back to the devil. Fight against him and God will send his power when you are on your battlefield.

Now when we take the armour of God, God will give us victory. God is telling if you have the armour of God he will give his Spirit to empower you for the battle

One person whom God chose for the battle was Samson and we will see how he got the power and how he lost the power in the battle.

Nazareth vow Numbers 6:2-21 if needed.

Judges 14 deals with the story of Samson.

Judges 14:1 9

Judges 13:24-25

The Spirit of the Lord began to move him. The spirit came upon Samson mightily when he was confronted with the lion in his way. Samson was a man of normal stature. He was not like goliath but a normal man. But his mother received a visitation from an angel. Some say it is Jesus Christ himself that came. She was barren and never gave birth but the angel told her that she was going to bring forth a son and keep him from strong drink. Do allow it to come to his lips. Do not allow a razor to come to his hair. Do not eat anything unclean. Do not church a dead body. He has a Nazareth vow upon him. God said I am going to give him supernatural strength.

God has blessed you with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and he has anointed you that takes you out of the ordinary realm and puts you into the extraordinary. The devil knows this so from the very start he is out to destroy you. He is out to kill you. Paul is telling Timothy to be a good soldier and endure hardness. Samson had a problem with his flesh. I know you do not want to hear this. You know what I am talking about. As long as you live in the flesh you will never keep the devil where he belongs. Samson is being prepared to be a warrior where God is going to use him against the enemy, the philistines. Every one of us has a common enemy that is the devil.

It is not by might, nor by power but it is by My Spirit says the Lord of hosts. God gave this young man supernatural strength and the spirit came upon him sometimes so that he can know the strength that he has in the Lord. But when he got into conflict it says that the spirit came upon him mightily. If you know how God works know what I am talking about. When we are confronted with the demon spirit, when we are confronted with a witchcraft spirit if you are in the Lord you will find the Holy Spirit coming mightily upon you so that you can deal with that demon and cast it out in the name of Jesus Christ. When you face the battles of life the spirit of God will come mightily upon you. God is ready to send his spirit upon us.

But Samson had a problem. Samson wanted to marry a woman from the enemy, the philistines.

He wanted a woman of the world, who walked in the flesh. His father and mother tried to prevent him from doing it but when it comes to love you want nobody to tell you what to do because when you are in the flesh you will not listen to anyone in the spirit.

There are a lot of girls in the kingdom, why have a relationship with the world. Find someone in the body of Christ.

God has somebody for you. If you have an anointing youngster the devil will mess your life up with a wrong relationship, and wrong choices. If he can destroy you by getting you into flesh, he has won over you and the power of God in you. We need to put that flesh on the cross and crucified it. We need to die, our flesh needs to die. Then it is no longer I that liveth but Christ that lives in us. Amen. The same Samson lost his strength, lost his battle because of the flesh in him. Yet the Bible says Samson is a type of christ

This man Samson had strength, he is a type of Christ, and he is a conqueror. Jesus has conquered death, grave, and life. But when Jesus died on the cross, was buried and arose from the grave. Jesus has destroyed the devil. The devil has been destroyed 2000 years ago and it is up to you and me to get what was accomplished on the cross.

Jesus destroyed the devil 2000 years ago. When you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit you receive that power. You have that power. The devil that is tormenting you is under your feet in the name of Jesus Christ.

But on the other side, Samson is a type of church also, he symbolizes you and me. The body of the church you and I have the power to overcome every attack of the devil through Jesus Christ.

Samson’s sin is also a type of church. Just like Samson sinned when we sin we lose our power. Just like Samson lost his power in the hands of a woman, we can lose our power by our acts of sin.

In this context, Samson eats the honey from the lion’s dead body. He defiled himself. He gave that honey to his family, father and mother. And he defiled his family too. When we do wrong we are taking the honey out of the world but Jesus is telling do not to conform ourselves to the world, you take the honey out of me. I taste like honey from the rock. God is willing to give us victory if we understand the schemes of the devil and fight against them. We need the power of the Holy Spirit today. We need the anointing today.

Understand we are on a battlefield. The devil is fighting against us every time and we need the power of God that was with Samson when he killed the lion.