Care Cells

At City Harvest AG Church Bangalore we give importance to the fellowship of the body of Christ which is a fundamental doctrine of the church; that aids in the growth of a believer. The believer grows in their relationship with God and the members of the church; through prayer and fellowship at care cells where their personal and immediate needs are addressed.

The care cells are small group meeting held on weekdays outside of the church premises, mainly in the local areas. These groups focus on providing pastoral care, spiritual growth, opportunities for new talents to develop, and aid in the growth of healthy relationships with the body of Christ.

Understanding the definite call of God upon each member, these care cells help in developing their calling by discovering their God given gifts and talents. Once identified, the member is trained on using his/her gifts and is given opportunities to use those gifts in the care cells.

We at City Harvest AG Church Bangalore are interested in your development. Your relationship with God and with others in the Church would help you grow in the body of Christ. Hence, individual attention is given to all our care cell members.

You are welcome to be part of our nearest care cell for which you may contact Sister Glory Shine – +9190369-48627